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Darren Batley

With over ten years of service in providing quality pest control solutions, 123 Pest Control Brisbane is the ultimate answer for all your pest control needs. We offer high-quality services which guarantee satisfaction with very affordable rates. We pride in serving all the locals of Brisbane.


Why Choose 123 Pest Control Brisbane

- We have experienced and qualified technicians to safely all pest control chemicals. 

- We offer cheap and affordable prices.

- We are fully licensed and certified.

- We use environment-friendly and nonhazardous pest control treatment.

- Our public Liability Insurance policy covers all our staff and the public in case of an accident.


Services we 123 Pest Control Brisbane Offer

- We offer professional buildings inspection for possible pest infestation.

- We treat and control termites to avoid causing havoc.

- We offer commercial and residential pest control.

- We eradicate cockroaches and fleas that cause discomfort in homesteads.

- We get rid of disease-causing mosquitoes.


Service Location

- Ipswich

- East and Southern Suburbs

- Brisbane City

- Inner Suburbs

- Adelaide



For all quality and long term pest control solutions, contact us and we will ensure offer your permanent solution to pest infestation. Make that call count today.

Darren Batley - Owner
2017-02-20 23:22:56