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Al Gomez

Location: 2nd Floor Sta. Cruz Bldg. Corner Ledesma-Fuentes St. Iloilo City, Philippines 5000

Skype: anzone81
Phone: +63-9176346889
Email: [email protected]


Al Gomez, founder of Dlinkers SEO Company alst 2008, is working as an SEO Specialist for almost 8 years now.  He and his team are well trained and experienced SEO experts for most type of business. They are handling various types of websites such as lawyer, engineering, wedding, real estates, travel, e-commerce and more.

Dlinkers, one of the BPO businesses located in the Philippines, is 24/7 available to help clients in times of their needs. Providing quality and productive results is their greatest end. With their dedication and determination, relationship to their clients stays strong.



Al Gomez - Focus on RESULTS, rather than EXCUSES.
2014-01-07 21:18:22