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Carpet Cleaning Services Sydney

No.1 Carpet Cleaning specializes in end of lease cleaning, commercial cleaning, office cleaning, house cleaning, leather cleaning and carpet cleaning services in Sydney. Their carpet cleaners are professionals ready to provide you with excellent service.

Company Overview

No.1 carpet cleaning is a premium quality carpet upholstery and Leather cleaning services. They promise to clean customer valuables safely, quickly and professionally. Customer satisfaction is their number one priority. They are qualified & certified in different areas including carpet cleaning, carpet cleaning services , upholstery leather handmade rugs as well as spot cleaning.

They are held to very strict standards which is the Australian standards Number AS3733-1995. They use advanced equipment in order to provide every homeowner or business with deeply cleaned carpets that make for a healthy living environment, longer carpet life and fewer cleanings.

They clean to the pH-scale, having acquired the knowledge and training to assess different types of soil prior to cleaning any carpet or upholstery. They are able to determine the proper acidic and alkaline balance with regard to removing the soil. They leave the home in a neutral pH state. They don’t leave a high alkaline state in a carpet because in humid conditions, soil is attracted back to the carpet.

Contact Details:

No.1 Carpet Cleaning

17A Rees Street 

Mays Hill N.S.W 2145

0410 219 904

1300 939 106

Email: [email protected]