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Stranded Shipscook

The Stranded Shipscook Inn (formerly Zwiebel Garden Cafe) serves international and local Clientel since 2002 in Balambam.

It is located in a serene garden setting about 800 meters away from the Busy national Highway, a little hidden, but that is on pupose to give its customers the ultimate Dining Experience without the usual hussle and bussle in "busy" amd easy accesible location.

Its Menu has about 80 International Dishes prepared by its German Chef.

Among many classics from Italy, Germany, Thailand and other Countris one finds also unique "signature dishes" created by him.

Since June 2012 there is also a small "Convenience branch" in Buanoy, Malvar Buidling, just 50 meters from the Gate of the Japanese Shipyard. Mainly to cater for the demand of Lunch and other takeouts.

Bu talso to "unwind"  a little "after work"


We serve no also Pinoy foods and a lot of new specials such as Thai and Indian Curries




Stranded Shipscook - Now the best place is twice in Balamban, Pondol and Buanoy right next by the Shipyard Gate :-) !!
2012-10-30 06:52:15