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Wedding Dance

Wedding dance lessons will ensure that you look your best for your first dance as husband and wife even if you’ve never danced before. 

 Our bridal dance experts at our Sydney city and metropolitan locations know how to make the most of your skill level in a short space of time. We’ll teach you a wedding dance to suit your chosen wedding song and show you how to look natural and relaxed whether your dance is a simple affair of a few basic steps or an extravaganza full of flash moves.

 We teach all styles from traditional Waltz, jazzy Swing, hot Latin or funky modern dance, and your dance lessons will assure that when you perform your First Dance you will look like a couple that is meant to be together.

 See  or contact us by phone or email for more information or to discuss your needs.

 We cater for all wedding dance needs for bridal couples, bridal groups and parents and we are permanently located at Casula, Annandale and Baulkham Hills with other locations for some seasons.

Aristea & Richard Wedding Dance 8 Dec 2012
Anne & Phillp
A Fun & Lively First Dance
Classic Combined with Jazz !
The Wedding Dance of Ashna and Nitesh
Bridal Dance Lessons - Perfect the steps for a perfect wedding day
Two students have their first dance at their wedding