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Ahmad Khan

Afghanistan Web Hosting and Web Development Services

Bulk SMS, Alerts SMS, Marketing SMS and Personal SMS plans for Afghanistan

Short Messaging System or Text Messages have made the communication easy and fast. The SMS can be used for Schools, Colleges and Universities Alerts system as well as for Marketing and communication between company and clients. Branded SMS make impression to your business as well as provide a unique brand for a Company. Bulk SMS is a unique method for business marketing where a specific person gets your message in run time. Personal SMS can be used for FUN as well as for different occasions wishing purposes. This can also be used by WEBMASTERS so they can start SMS facility of their website for web users.


There are many qualities about Afghan Branded SMS System.

1- You can send SMS with your Name without sharing your Cell number.

2- You can manage online Address book for your contacts which you cannot lose even you lose your mobile set.

3- You can manage unlimited groups as per your choice.

4- There is no expiry for the SMS package, whenever you need to send SMS you can otherwise your credit will be safe with us as your personal account.

5- You can request more countries for service.

6- There are 5 type of SMS sending Option (Text, Arabic, Unicode, Flash, Flash Unicode)

7- Quick delivery.

8- Delivery reports.

9- Credit report.

10- Personal Safe account with logins.

You will enjoy more facilities after experience.

Afghanwebhost offers different SMS plans for Bulk SMS, Alerts SMS, Personal SMS as follow. Please choose a package there you get your plan within few hours.

For more details click here:

Branded SMS for Company Communication and Personal use

The SMS having your Company or your desired text instead of Mobile number is known as branded SMS. Branded SMS make impression to your business as well as provide a unique brand for a Company.

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Marketing SMS for Afghan Businnss


As we know the Mobile use has got very extended, Almost every person keeps a Mobile while can easily read and reply SMS. As compared to email marketing SMS Marketing is more affective for a company. A company can find new clients in minutes that no other marketing strategy can deliver. strongly suggest SMS marketing for companies who are interested to get more clients as per marketing principle :  MORE CLIENTs MORE SALE !


For more details click here:


Bulk SMS Packages for Afghan Companies and Personal use


Bulk SMS is the fastest and Viral Method to deliver your message to more than thousand(s) or recipients. Afghanwebhosting proudly present this amazing service in Afghanistan for the first time with affordable price, Draw more customers to your business and earn even more than your expectations. At Afghanwebhosting SMS system you can manage groups, Address book and schedule SMS for a specific occasion to deliver.

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Alerts SMS for companies and Educational institutions


Alerts SMS is the best way for identical communication for companies as well as educational institutions, Companies can send occasional SMS, Thanks SMS for a successful deal while for many other purposes. At education side School, College and universities can use the SMS system for Alerts system i.e. Exam Schedules, Results announcement, Attendance and Fee dues reminders.  Afghan Web Hosting is offering this service for the first time in I.T history with affordable prices.

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Web Hosting

Afghanwebhosting offers reliable and affordable Web Hosting Plans looking through our clients requirements, We put all hosting plans on cloud servers which is a record in Afghanistan Web Hosting history. Cloud flare boost up web performance and decreases bandwidth usage.
For more details visit:

Domain Name Hosting

AfghanWebHosting is partner with ICANN accredited companies that have made domain registration as easy and quick that no other company can provide, Check your domain availability, Make an Order and get your domain registered with in minutes. We accept Paypal the quick payment system.

For more details visit:

Web Development

AfghanWebHosting have a big portfolio of Web Development projescts, Majority of our clients from Kabul, Afghanistan, Pakistan and United Kingdom. We develop websites on demand as per clients requirements with reasonable price. We follow the advance techniques in web development world.

For more details visit:

online database development

AfghanWebHosting offers Database development for Companies Accounts, User Managements systems, Invoicing system, and on demand database development as per company requirements. Our professionals are friendly to understand and implement what a client needs.

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Designing Services

AfghanWebHosting professional designers offer web designing, Logo designing, visiting card designing, branding designing for company unique presentation, Billboards desiging , stickers desiging, fylers, backdrops, and what ever in designing world....

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Ahmad Khan - Afghan Web Hosting Company Offers affordable and reliable web hosting , web development and Desig
2013-06-22 03:36:55