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Amc Square Learning

AMC Square Cisco Modular Courses. Whether you are starting as a Student, Looking for a Job in Networking, Career Changer, or are looking to further advance your existing technology skills, these tools and resources will get you started towards your future career. Explore Your Background, find out what Your IT Future holds, get practical hands-on tools to help you Create Your IT Career and search a variety of IT Job Portals.

AMC Square Learning specializes in providing Cisco Courses training. Our courses includes introduction to Networking , CCNA, CCNP, CCIE Routing and Switching And Security courses. Alternatively, these ‘standard’ courses can be tailored or customized to meet customer requirements.

Our Courses

  • CCNA – Routing & Switching

  • CCNA – Security

  • CCNA – Wireless

  • CCNA – Data Center.

  • CCNA – Voice

  • CCNP – Routing & Switching

  • CCNP – Security

  • CCIE – Routing & Switching

  • CCIE – Security


contact us

[email protected]