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  Dear Client,

 ANAPA Travel Co is a Tanzanian tour operator safari company with main objective of providing reliable and helpful travel information to tourists
 and other individuals or groups wishing to travel to Africa for Vacation, sightseeing, leisure, research, volunteering, film crewing, donation,
 honeymoon. ANAPA Travel Co offers also guided safaris, Kilimanjaro expeditions, Zanzibar extention, cultural tour and
 tailor made programs in Tanzania .
 We are a mid-range tour operator, providing a high standard of service fore good price. Luxury operators charge prices much higher than ours for
 things you do not need, while Budget operators charge prices lower than ours and leave out things you do need.

   We are one of the few specialist companies operating on Africa Safari and Mt Kilimanjaro expedition; We       have built a firm reputation here in Tanzania as one of the best adventure outfitters in Mountain and safari.
   We will happily put our standard of service and our client satisfaction ratings against any of our competitors.    95% of the operators out there do not even come close, while the others will charge you far higher prices in    contract  for the same level of service.
 We saying; Once you discover our prices you will never travel with any one else, elcome!

ANAPA Co Ltd - Offers nothing but the best Climbing and Safari in Tanzania.
2014-05-13 00:49:49