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André Thomson

Established in 2008, this business offers you professional assistance to prepare for ANY code learners license (computerized) as well as motorcycle drivers license (code A & A1).

It was established as a response to the rapid increase in motorcycle & scooter sales (due to the continues increase in fuel prices) and thus the evolving high demand for motorcycle drivers licenses. Although quite a few driving schools are already in existence, quality service remains a challenge and as a result we  decided to specialize in motorcycle drivers licences only (as well as any code of learners license) and is our emphasis on personalized service, tailor-making whatever we do in order to meet customer needs and expectations. We pride ourselves with an exceptional passing rate of  99% thanks to our team of quality instructors.

We are driving instructors, not miracle workers, simply trying to place safe legal riders on our roads. We can train you well, but it will take some effort and determination from your side. Just take the advice and training we give you seriously, and you will soon experience the results you imagined.

Come and visit us at Cami Racing, 49 Sutherland street, Newcastle, KZN, SA during office hours (Mondays - Fridays : 08h00 - 17h00 and Saturdays : 08h00 - 13h00. Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays), or contact us on 083 534 0740 for more information.

Other services also available :                                                                     - You can relive all your old movie / music memories from the past. Let us convert your old video tapes (VHS and Beta) to DVD and your old dust gathering Lp's / 7-singles / cassettes to CD. We can also convert all your stacks and stacks of photos to a movie format on DVD.                                              - We also assist individuals with completing of Income Tax returns and submission on SARS E-filing. 

Please contact 083 534 0740 for more information