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Aravind Yoga Studio KL is a friendly “home studio” with a personal touch centered on our team's warm teaching and welcoming atmosphere, which promote a sense of communal belonging among our practitioners and students.

Our team offers diversified health improving opportunities evolving around the Energy of Breath. 

Our Yoga, Fly Yoga and Pilates classes cater for all beginners to advance levels. They are also regularly complemented with specialised workshops by highly respected guest teachers. We all teach Yoga in many of its diverse approaches with always a strong emphasis on Breath, Alignment, Strength and Balance in order to bring Harmony into your practice and ultimately into your life!

Fly Yoga, which has recently taken the West like a storm, is an ideal complement to strengthen and decompress with therapeutic benefits for your yoga practice with some great fun and balancing exercises.

Pilates classes will also offer you the chance to enhance your fitness and prepare you well for Yoga and Fly Yoga with deep core strength-gathering!

As Practitioners of Medical QiGong recognised by the MSCM (Malaysian Society for Complementary Medicine) two members of the team also practice Medical QiGong to help their patients overcome some health issues in their life by channelling healing Energy to them.

Our team of highly trained and mostly internationally certified professional teachers will advise you and accompany you in your health journey, whatever you will choose it to be at Aravind Yoga Studio KL.  It is our vision that Aravind Yoga Studio KL will become your preferred place of practice where you will find Energy, Balance and Harmony!

We are all very much looking forward to greeting you at Aravind Yoga Studio KL!

Fly Yoga @ Aravind Center, Plaza Damas. Kuala Lumpur.
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2012-09-11 01:19:10
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2012-08-03 05:24:34
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2012-08-03 03:22:09