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Arctura Corporation Bulk Terminal and Jetty Facility caters to the storage and delivery needs of petroleum and liquid chemical industries in Cebu, the Visayas and even the Northern Mindanao regions. Our bulk terminal is being used by independent petroleum players (IPPs) and other individual and corporations in need of liquid and gas bulk storage. We are strategically situated along the Mactan Channel – a major thorough fare for domestic as well as international bulk carriers.
It occupies an area of 4.3 hectares of land with an off-shore berthing facility located at Barangay Opao, Mandaue City. The total combined volumetric capacity of the storage tanks is 40.5 million liters for liquid and 6 million kilograms of LPG when fully operational. Aside from the storage capability we also have our trucking services of petroleum products which caters the whole Region VII. The Terminal started operations last October 2009 and was built to ensure a steady and sustainable supply of petroleum product for the company's valuable clients and the general public as a whole.
Arctura Corporation is an affiliate of International Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (IPI). IPI is the leading manufacturer and distributor in the Philippines of a diverse range of Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare products which include liniments, antiseptics, herbal, food and beverages as well as cosmetics, toiletries and medical devices. Other affiliates of Arctura Corporation are Sunpride Foods Inc., Matutum Meat Processing Corp., IPI Distillery Inc., Philippine Inter-Ads and IPI Realty and Development Corp.

TANKAGE CAPACITY: Initially at 9.4 million liters for the first year, it will be increased to 22.2 million liters on the second year and to full capacity at 40.5 million liters. Tanks are designed and built according to API 650 standards for automotive diesel oil (ADO) and unleaded gasoline (ULG). Tanks for coconut methyl ester (CME), toluene, ethanol and other liquids are also available. A 2,500 metric ton LPG facility is also being designed, complete with refilling stations and its associated infrastructures. The projected tank capacity for LPG when completed is 6,000 metric tons.

Tanks to be constructed are for long term lease, thus specifications and appurtenances vary according to clients needs.

The jetty facility consists of three (3) units of breasting dolphin able to hold vessels at 10,000 DWT, two (2) units of breasting dolphins designed for 5,000 DWT and a 60- meter trestle beam to serve as pipe rack and human access to the vessel from land. The facility can berth three vessels at the same time with a total LOA of about 270 meters and draft at 9 meters.

Each client has its own set of 6-inch diameter pipeline complete with lockable valves, flexible hose and mustering area during operations. Product flow rate is determined by the vessel’s pumping capacity and client’s desired pipe diameter.

Each client has its own dedicated tank truck loading platform complete with all the necessary appurtenances. The depot is on a 24-7 work schedule.

Arctura also offers fuel deliveries using 10 units Isuzu Giga tank trucks at 14,000, 16,000 and 20,000 liter-capacity each. Client’s requests are immediately serve since the trucks are stationed/park within the vicinity of the tank truck loading rack (TTLR). Fuel requirements of gasoline retailers and even industrial buyers would reach the intended users in the least time possible. Manned by qualified personnel, clients are assured of safety along the road as well as spillage-free operations during loading/unloading of products.

Safety, Security and Environmental IssuesThe terminal is equipped with fire fighting facilities for Class A, B, C fires and monitored 24 hours a day. Adequate personnel are available in case of fires and other emergencies.

The facility is located in a special economic zone declared by the City Council of Mandaue and is closely guarded by the Mactan Bridge Authority and the Barangay police stations within the area.

Areas within the facility are divided into three zones namely: zone 1 – area occupied by the tanks, only authorized personnel are allowed. The area is accessible through a security gate; zone 2 – area occupied by tank trucks, loading bay and dispatching area. Visitors, prospective clients, utility and communications service personnel are ushered into the administration building located within the zone; zone 3 is for LPG tank farm with ample vacant space serving as buffer zone between the communities located about 300 meters away.
The pipelines are provided with lockable block valves for additional security and environmental measures. The terminal is also equipped in case of off-shore or inland accidental product release.

The jetty facility is monitored by company based security personnel, augmented by the sea patrol of Mactan Channel Authority.Security personnel are assigned at the terminal 24/7. Efforts are now done for an ISPS certification.