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Yow Cheng Yeng

I m Alfred artdeshine Mananger. I m in this professional career more then 10 years. I had groom, detailed and restored cars morethan thousands. My specialty in car grooming ranging brands from Lambo, Porsh, Aston, BMW, Jaguar, Benx, Audi and VW. Japanese brands only take 10 percent of my grooming.

I groom owner car like taking my cars. Usually I have the passion, diligent and effort to remove all swirl marks and scratches from the car paint work before locking the gloss.

Designed with the future in mind.

Newly developed flouride layer boosts water repellency and also creates a great looking water beading appearance on the surface.

One of the key features for Zen Xero is forming a high contact angle. Water droplet angle on the painted surface with the applied zen xero alfa is over 100 degrees. The reason for the highly flouride layer zen xero beta which is different from other flouride type of coatings. Zen xero alfa is strongly bonded to Polysilazane, material of Zen Zero and produces super high water repellency on the paintwork.

High quality glass layer gives deep gloss to your vehicle surfaces using basic chemical theories. We have never seen such an amazing product Zen Xero which make crystal shine on the painted surfaces for more than a year.