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Asif Dewan

Google SEO Blacktown

I help small and local businesses in Western Sydney to take all the opportunities in search marketing to improve visibility of their businesses, because I believe they have been left out from these opportunities. This could be for lack of information or higher cost charged by the SEO agencies.

Integrated Local Search Marketing

Our search marketing strategy works best when combined with Paid Search (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Social Media Integration at minimum. If you want to connect people with the information they seek, you will be there for them in a decision making journey in all devices. It can be very complicated, but we keep it simple for local business owners.

You can take the opportunity of a simple integrated local search marketing strategy that will make your business visible online in all devices even if you don’t have a website. Your business will be at the finger tips of your local customers. They will be able to call your mobile phone right from the search pages.

I am a 

Google Qualified Individual - Advance Search & Display

Google Qualified analytics Individual

Certidied Search Engine Marketer

Contact me if you need any help with your local business