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About Us

AutoRental car rental, was founded by two brothers in 2012 in Reykjavik Iceland. AutoRental is a family owned and operated, fully licensed car rental company with 24/7 call service.

Our customers rent good cars at compatible prices.

What we do?

AutoRental specializes in 4×4 rental cars, suitable for Icelandic weather conditions and Icelandic roads. Our cars run on 4×4 all year round tires that are best for Icelandic road conditions for each season

Why book with us?

– Airport: we don’t charge you extra for airport pickup and drop off.

– Included in the price: Check out what is included in the price – our prices include:

> Gps navigation / included
> Extra driver / included
> Baby seat 0-13 kg / included
> Baby seat 9-18 kg / included
> Baby seat 15-36 kg / included
> Booster seat / Included
> Unlimited milage / included

– Reliable rental cars: All cars have gone through security check, are serviced on regular basis. We do care about our cars.

– Personal service: from first contact to returning of car you will receive best possible service from us. We offer 24/7 call service in case of

– Legitimacy: we are a fully licensed car rental, approved by the Icelandic authorities.