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Bernadette Dimzon


Our company is a partnership offering accounting or bookkeeping , tax return preparation 

(i.e. Corporate Income Tax and Business Taxes - value added and percentage taxes)

and eternal audit services.

The foremost objective of business owners in establishing a business is to earn and

maximize profits to be able to sustain its business operating activities for a longer

period of time. For small business owners, they never realize the value of keeping

track financial business transactions and maintaining a regular accounting of accounitng

records transactionsand documents to help them closely monitor whether theie businesses

are earning profits or their losing their investments. Further, they are not aware of the

significance of a properly designed internal control system whcih would help them

prevent or avoid fraud or theft which maybe performed by their employees and

designated officers or managers who run their business. These are the essentials

of accounting and financial reporting. Owners would know where and how their companies

are going and what strategies they should do to further enhance the productivity and

profitability of their business operations.

We do our task with utmost integrity and quality in accordance with the CPA's ethical values.

We'll be providing our clients updates about the recent accounting policies, rules and regualtions

about Accounting Standards and Principles as well as, tax regulations for we beilive that this

is a very efficient information dissemination so they would understand clearly the proper application

and implication of these rules and impact on their business activities.

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