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Baldev merkel loves travelling, and playing golf at his own free time, when he is travelling and nature site seeing  he loves doing it with his beloved wife margaret mekel who have been a source of inspiration to him

born in 1940 in frankfurt Germany he is  the founder chairman and proprietor of baldev merkel tours and hotels group which he founded in 1960 which have grown to be a multinational organistation all over the world with 12branches all over the world. he is  also an investor having invested in several projects all over the world.

he always says that he is  so gland in making difrences in people lives all over the world by providing them with what thy will always remember  him off that is jobs with good renumerations and benefit packages



BALDEV MERKEL - i love making difffrence in peoples lives by offering them what thy will always remember
2011-11-24 04:31:28