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Bastion Solutions

Bastion Safety Solutions is one of the leading organizations which are providing online safety training in various sectors. 


Bastion is a Canada based organization where you will find different expertise for each department. Here, you will get a professional team of management who will work according to the demand of the customer. 


Bastion provides appropriate training packages for the Industry and Occupational Training. These days each and every field comes up with lot of challenges and hazards. And to overcome those challenges Bastion has introduced such online fast and effective training courses.


Our Service: 

Health And Safety Training

Industrial Safety Training

Occupational Health And Safety Training 

Online Safety Courses

Online Safety Training

Workplace Safety Training


For more information, visit:


One can connect us at:


Email: [email protected]


Call us : 1.888.366.8005


P.O. Box 22660, 

Southbrook, Edmonton


Canada,T6W 0C3