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Becoming Green Inc.

Green Construction, Green Training & Certification, Green Consultant

Becoming Green, Inc. provides training to everyone who wants to become a certified green specialist, designer or consultant. They provide the background and resources needed to help others to evaluate green products and energy systems that contribute to healthful living, and demonstrate environmental responsibility.     
Company Overview:

Becoming Green, Inc was founded by two entrepreneurs wanting to make a difference and do the right thing. After owning an Interior Design firm and a Kitchen and Bath design firm, Tina Chaphe and Isa Antepara, believe that the signs of the economic and environmental times require us to act now.

Most training programs are taught by business professionals with training backgrounds. Chaphe and Antepara recognized their responsibility to contribute to the sustainable design awareness, proficiency and innovation. With design experience and an enormous amount of Green Education, they realized the need for a training program that would truly help others implement their ideas and beliefs in their work and home environments while launching or enhancing an exciting career.

They train professionals and provide the sources that will help the consumer make environmentally helpful choices and see that every green action they take has a measurable impact on the environment.