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Bernadette Elizabeth

Bernadette Elizabeth is a leading name in the retail sector of designer clothing and accessories for women, in Northern Ireland. For further information visit the website:

Company overview:

Bernadette Elizabeth is a leading force in the retail sector of designer clothing and apparel for women. We offer apparels for all ages and to fit all budgets particular for all occasions. We aim at making women look & feel beautiful. We work for providing our customers a leading edge in personalised fashion.

We aim at giving you a personal attention for all your style needs. Our 25 years of experience in this field is clearly evident in our way of customer handling and services. Whatever the occasion may be, whatever your age may be, we will always have the best to offer you. You can also avail our free Style Advisory services, where our style experts will make sure to give you that special attention and ensure that your best persona comes out with our clothing range and accessories to serve all needs.

At Bernadette Elizabeth, our vision is to lead, direct and co-ordinate all our resources so as to always reflect the “leading edge” in terms of customer service & fashion. Visit us to get personified in the latest and classy fashion trends.

Contact Details:
Bernadette Elizabeth
22-24 Bridge Street
Newry City
Co. Down
T: 028 30 260 479
F: 028 30 260 479
M: 077849 44102
[email protected]