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Bob Garon & Vandevoort Consultancy Inc., an expansion of Bob Garon Consultancy, Inc., was re-established with the primary goal of assisting top executives to focus on critical and sensitive areas of corporate concerns.
Developed through the innovations of Bob Garon, our technologies detect and minimize problems, if not totally erase them. The company’s expertise lies in creating unique methods of viewing and solving corporate problems such as those arising from materials management, labor, morale and other concerns that arise in an organization.
In addition, we have programs for security management, leadership and values development, attitudinal and behavior modification, conflict resolution and stress management seminars.
A few of our highly specialized and unique services include:
The Corporate Scan
This is people-oriented management instrument. It is designed to help executives verify the corporate culture with their underlying corporate philosophy and core values. It implies the same methodology as a 360-degree feedback survey. The difference is it adds credibility to the result as executed through interviews with qualified staff instead of questionnaires or computer programs.
The Scan is an effective tool for the lowest level employee to executives. Companies find cost savings from hundreds of thousands to millions of pesos through the information discovered from this unusual but proven technology.
Growth Adventure Seminar
Values, attitudes and sentiments of employees affect performance and team environment. This seminar focuses on flushing out emotional "basura" to resolve interpersonal conflicts, empowering employees to address and focus on the professional issues at work.
The Seminar is geared for all levels of employees, which is why it is often requested to correct the deficiencies discovered during the Scan. The employees are the focus of the program until the last day, when they directly tackle the largely tactical, at times strategic, issues affecting the company’s performance. The return on investment from the high morale alone can greatly increase productivity, up to Millions in returns. Although, the Seminar is set up to not rely on that factor alone to quantify the value the Growth Adventure brings to the company.
Upward Bound
Using the basic Outward Bound Principle of teaching "life skills", the seminar aims to help participants actualize their potentials, instill discipline, imbibe proper attitudes, learn to handle feelings and improve self-image and worth.
The Upward Bound pushes the participants to their maximum potential through extreme stress and crisis situations. It is geared to executives and management, but is also an effective tool to gauge high potential employees that are being considered for advancement in the company.
The empowering and attitudinal adjustment that employees take with them from the training greatly increase productivity, but that is not the only tool given to the company to ensure high returns. The QUEST guarantees a lucrative return on investment.
Comprehensive Security Management
Security is vital in any company. It should be able to provide trained personnel with appropriate force protection measures to keep the leadership, organization and customers’ safe from harm. Employees should also be well versed in risk and crisis management techniques and procedures to minimize damage when emergency response protocols go into effect.
In addition, information, physical, and personnel security measures must be precise, effective and efficient to avoid the grave situation a leak or accidental spillage of information would lead to the company and its employees. The cost of a security lapse could lead to Millions in losses, at worse the loss of life!
Security is important for all employees. First responders may have the training to deal with the crisis but rare are they on sight when tragedy strikes. The ones most affected need the basic situational awareness to survive. Though basic training often leads to heroic actions!
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We GARON-tee greater gains through high quality service!