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Am a Tour Consultant at Big Time Safaris Ltd,am one of the proud Kenyan who know for real Names have got great powers.To me my mother knew what i will be since she named me SAFARI!!!!!!,SAFARI is a swahili name that me3ans moving from one place to another either for adventure or exploration.In Africa all Tours are called safaris so this puts me am my Name on the right category.

I always perform my duties with passion and always determined for all cliets satisfaction.See my clients smile after a trips is always my happiness.Am always determined that any thing that i start i start it to accomplish,too succeed and not to fail.The reason why we start anything is to prosper or else there should be no need to try anything.;Meet me and know exactly who i am.....Welcome

DAVID SAFARI - Am a easy gentleman,meeting new faces each day is my daily routine
2014-05-02 08:17:52