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Amado Garcia

Jobaxy is the best job portal in Philippines. Jobaxy offer very unique features and has a different approach towards the entire hiring and recruitment process.

Job seekers not only can create and upload their resumes traditionally but they also have the benefit of getting their Video and Audio Resumes done which will definitely make them stand out from the crowd. They have tips and guidance to help them make their audio and video resumes crisp, clear and to-the-point.

They also can access the unique features like choosing from predefined templates for their resume, so it looks professional, personal settings like hide or show your resume to the employer's, block your existing employer, customize your resume and last but not the least, Jobaxy has different courses to offer to enhance your skills at work or for getting a better job. All these absolutely FREE !!!

Job search and Text resume? Naah.

We provide a lot MORE!

Jobaxy is developed by keeping both, the job seeker and the employer in mind. In today’s competitive world where thousands of resumes and job requirements are uploaded online every day, it is very easy to get lost and to end up going nowhere.

Having said that, the good news is more and more people are now using the internet to end their job search and Jobaxy is the job portal where right opportunities and people find each other because we know how crucial it is for your resume or job requirements to be seen by the right group of people.

Best Feature of Jobaxy:-

  • Video Resume
  • Audio Resume
  • Text Resume
  • Block the Boss
  • Hide/Unhide your resume
  • Customize your resume