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US Fleet Services Specializes in Fleet Maintenance, NY DOT Inspections, Bus Repair, Commercial Vehicle Repair and Preventative Maintenance in NY. 

Taking care of a large fleet's maintenance is difficult, and the overhead required to handle all the problems yourself is expensive. Give us a call today to find out how we can simplify your business, and save you money. We can handle your fleets needs on-site at your facility, or take care of them from one of our facilities. 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE & MOBILE REPAIR SERVICES. 

They key to maintaining a low-cost, long vehicle life is proper preventative care. From a simple oil change, to a full overhaul US Fleet Services is here to help. We have the tools, equipment, and knowledge to tackle all your vehicle systems. From AC service, to worn suspension components we are ready to provide you with quick, affordable, and quality care.

We are certified in brake adjustment, and repair. Don’t take risks with the single most important system on your vehicle. Anti-lock brake systems are designed to minimize and control wheel lock up during braking. This is a complex system that includes wheel sensors and computers to manage each wheels individual breaking power, and when you have problems it is indicated by a light on the dash. Make sure repairs are performed right the first time, safety is our priority.