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Krishna Kumar

Cardaap, as a digital platform, serves its function well. Unlike traditional paper cards, there is option to create your own card and it ensures you to keep the cards. With paper cards, you have to print the cards time and again, once it is over. But here, you do not have to carry the entire card folder to wherever you go for distributing your cards. Here, you can publish your card to promote your brand or business by adding appropriate keywords. This will be a boost to all kind of business firms- be it large, medium or small- to make their presence in the current business world. You can share it to anyone, irrespective of time and place. An added benefit is that if you change your office location, you can simply edit and update here, and it gets automatically uploaded to your card, which reaches to everyone who possesses your card. Moreover, in the age of environmental issues, it is logical to shift to something that is paperless. Directly or indirectly, you too are becoming a part of saving the planet in its way.