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David Nash


About Our Business: 


Carpet Cleaning Parramatta is the best carpet cleaning service located in Parramatta, near Sydney. 


We contract to both small and large clients, from private houses to major industrial estates. 


Carpet Cleaning Parramatta Services: 


Carpet Cleaning - Our main strength is carpet cleaning. We use the latest technology to give your carpets the best clean and leave them smelling and looking fresh. We suit the most appropriate cleaning agents to your carpet's needs. We make use of both steam cleaning and dry cleaning techniques to give your carpet the best they can get. 


End of Lease Cleaning - You shouldn't take the risk losing your rental bond. If you are ending your lease, you should make sure that you return it in the best shape possible so that you don't lose your bond. At Carpet Cleaning Parramatta will give your rental property a thorough clean and leave it in good condition. We also can provide an end of lease wall painting service. 


Furniture Cleaning - If your upholstery is looking soiled and ugly, we can thoroughly clean them and refresh your upholstery so that you can enjoy your furniture again. 


Rug Cleaning / Mattress Cleaning: Rugs and mattresses accumulate a lot of allergens and debris. They are significant breeding grounds for dust mites which can cause asthma attacks. If you or are prone to asthma, you must have your rugs and mattresses cleaned thoroughly at least every one to two years. 


David Nash - Check us out
2012-03-22 13:29:10