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Buth Chansib

A warm welcome to your holiday in Cambodia.

Are you looking for an experienced cultural and historic guide in Cambodia.?

I am a tourist guide from Cambodia. ( Cambodian Tour Guide Services )

I was born in Preh Vihear about 175 kilometers away from Angkor Wat Temple

I have been hosting guests to our country for over 15 years and I get much expereince of Cambodian culture, traditions and travel places. I would like to share our cultural riches with you and your friends. Welcome your call or email with questions and I am happy to assist with trip planning.

Welcome to your holiday and Tours in Siem Reap - Angkor Wat , Phnom Penh city and other provinces. Wildlife animals and bird watching, Honeymoon tourists and family tour and for Special Photographers, students who want to know our culture, tradition and others.

Please give us the information as follows:

1. Flight schedules or direction of your arrival in trip planning

2. Number of people in the trip planning

3. Name of hotel if you already have

4. Name of your country

Definition of needs

Buth Chansib - A warm welcome to your holiday in Cambodia. Please contact me if you need a professional tour guide.
2016-07-07 22:29:53