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Pasquale Carvelli

US FDA, Europe Cosmetic Regulatory Consulting Partner

Cosmereg provides cosmetic regulatory services for compliance and consumer safety. We support cosmetic companies to be compliant with local normatives and register the products in the EU, US, Canada.

USA Regulatory Services 

  • FDA registration
  • Cosmetic Certificate
  • Safety Assessment
  • Formula review
  • US FDA Detention Assistance
  • Color Additive Regulation Compliance
  • Cosmetic labeling services 
  • and much more

EU Regulatory Services 

  • Europe Responsible Person
  • CPNP notification
  • Safety Assessment
  • Formula Review
  • PIF Creation
  • Cosmetic Labeling Services
  • and much more


Consult with us to take the worry off your shoulders and reach the market in as short a time as possible.