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CU Chats

CU is the best chat app provides you private and an instant messaging solutions for android and iPhone devices all over the world. CU Chats which is one of the best chatting platform of CU App to send messages, GIF’s, Memes, Emoji’s, HD Audio and Video calls and many more without any need of registration, mobile number, email address to make connections.

To use CU you just only need to share your QR Code or Enter CU PIN to connect with your family and friends anytime, anywhere in the world. 

One can also get the best UPI Payment App and Online Shopping App solutions with CU Pays and CU Shops which is another in-built features of CU.

This app is very simple, secure, private and easy-to-use . All-in-all it fits perfectly in your requirements.

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CU Chats - CU is the best chat app provides you private and an instant messaging solutions.
2017-12-01 03:12:25