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Delia Sanchez

We are so proud; and very excited to introduce to you our new venture.



Psychic Pinto Oracle Deck, Course & Gift Set

The 27 Doors & Keys

you will face while shifting consciousness

and crossing the 2011/2012/2013 bridges


"This Oracle is the new 'Rider Waite' for 2012 and beyond.

It takes us to a space where we are our own master."

~ Pinto said ~



The world’s first ever! A random, hand-packaged Oracle Set!

No two sets are exactly the same.

This has never been done before...


This Oracle Gift Set contains:

* DIY Personal Reading

* 2 x 27 Card Decks

* 2 x Booklets

* Lucky Coin (A real coin, yes!)

* Crystal For Meditation

* Quick Reference Chart

* Dummi “How To” Chart

* 4 Mystery Bonus Cards

* 1 x Master Key Card

* 1x 28 Week Course

* Lots of home-play

* ‘Ready To Be Sent’

   (Gift for a loved one)

* Lots and lots of love


Hurry! Only R499 +postage, until 30 Aug 2011. Thereafter our Launch Special is R599, and still a bargain!


Find out more: Visit


Where the journey of life takes on a ‘whole’  new meaning!



Pinto and Delia

[email protected]