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Dhronacharya MEP Academy

Dhronacharya Academy for Refined Training (D.A.R.T) is an authorized training centre of Scientific and Technical Education Development Council (STED COUNCIL), NGO under Govt. of INDIA . We providing technical training in MECHANICAL , ELECTRICAL and CIVIL engineering disciplines to meet the requirements of skilled manpower in today’s fast growing world.

We are a team of young, efficient, qualified and hardcore engineering professionals with broad spectrum of mind to provide training to meet industrial requirements of skilled manpower in specialized filed of engineering based on sound engineering principles and methodology, applicable code requirement and best industry practices.


The aim of this institute is to provide expert engineers to the industry, who are trained in such a way that they are well versed with subjects and can independently and efficiently perform their jobs.  The institute is also encouraging our students to develop rational thinking skills through a case study approach. We strive to provide quality education for our students and provide them a better life ahead by providing practical oriented training. Each and every student will be confident enough to take up the responsibilities thrown at him at his office. To achieve this we provide

1.      Inspiration to visualize the needs of society.

2.      An eye to appreciate what is possible.

3.      Technological and broad social understanding to bring his vision to reality.


      We are aware that engineers are the key person in the material progress of the world. It is his engineering skill that converts the potential value of science by translating scientific knowledge into tools, resources and energy. Swift changes in the global scenario and market, have transformed the dimensions of professionals in every industry. 


The specialist from any field of engineering has to focus more narrowly on his specialized topics & work area rather than broad spectrum of faculty. This has heightened the challenges of young & passionate engineers. Our syllabus is updated in such a way to meet the present global standards as well as the latest working practices.




  • Industry specific training in various disciplines of engineering 
  • Corporate training with customized modules to suit organizational requirements
  • Case study based modules to develop professional approach for working independently and efficiently
  • Seminars to update on changing technological trends
  • Industrial visit to understand a live plant
  • Personality development and mock interviews to develop confidence
  • Guidance to choose career


  • To develop the ability to understand the engineering drawings and technical documents required for drawing
  • To develop the basic concepts of designs, conforming to the international codes & standards and good practices
  • To develop proficiency for designing of robust and safe plants
  • To develop ability to improvise the existing facilities
  • To develop the competency required for optimizing the design cost
  • To develop an aptitude of working on EPC projects



Our faculty members are having experience in working with top relevant EPC organizations. These technocrats have the skill of illustrating highly complex subjects with an engaging combination of clarity & wit that transforms complex engineering into easy learning state.

 Strong technical background

 Familiar with all applicable International Design Codes and Standards

 Knowledge of Inspection and Testing

 Experience of Erection and Commissioning

 Proficient in preparation of Construction Drawing

 Well-versed with Interdisciplinary issues

 Good presentation skills

 Expertise to groom students for design projects



Electrical Engineering is the branch of engineering science that specializes in the Electrical design, construction, and practical use of electrical systems. Electrical system design deals with analysis and application of Power transmission and Distribution, Lighting systems.
This Certificate program covers the full design and analysis of Electrical Building Services from the fundamentals to Power System design, Wiring and Cable Management Systems, Lighting systems, Earthing Design and Calculations, LV & MV Panels, Transformer and Generator selections, Fire Alarm Systems.

Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning system design is the major sub discipline of Mechanical engineering based on the principles of thermodynamics, Fluid mechanics and heat transfer. A Building’s HVAC system creates a climate that allows for maximum comfort by compensating for changing climatic conditions. Efficient HVAC Design Engineer must need to know how to make indoor comfort with operational savings and energy efficiency as well as how to create blue prints for projects using computer aided design and drafting systems.

This  certification program specializes in full analytical load calculations, ventilation system designing, duct designing, air distribution system designing, sizing pipes and pumps, estimation of requirements, and all HVAC equipment selections as per ASHRAE, ISHRAE and SMACNA standards. We offer high quality training in designing and draughting along with cost effective and prompt HVAC design system services. The accuracy and effectiveness in project are the main highlights we are referred to.




Quantity surveyors understand the economics of construction market trends and the influences of the sector on a local and global scale. Wherever construction work is taking place there will be a need for financial control and quantity surveyors fulfils this. Quantity surveyors play a key role in the construction industry, ensuring that development costs are appropriately and accurately managed.
Quantity surveyors manage and control financial aspects of the construction process. They also specialise in construction contract law and procurement. They work on behalf of contracting organisations or representatives of the client, aiming to ensure that the project is completed within budget.
Quantity surveying is a dynamic profession and a career that combines commercial and management skills with knowledge of the construction industry. As cost consultants and project procurement specialists, the quantity surveyor’s working life involves:
 all aspects of construction cost and contract management
 advising on the financial implications from the initial concept onwards
 advising on procurement options
 from project design, to commissioning the completed project
 settling finances and contractual disputes.