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Lee Gunstone

A driveway cleaning by South East Driveway Cleaning is the best way to keep your Sussex home looking great. We offer a range of solutions listed below, for driveways and patios of all compositions. Driveway cleaning price quotes available today!

Sussex Driveway Cleaning Service

For 20 years the South East Driveway Cleaning Company has been a leader in driveway cleaning in Sussex. Our commitment to our customers is unparalleled with a guarantee on all work performed on their property. We offer a range of solutions for every driveway cleaning need including tarmac driveways, stone driveways, and concrete driveways. Red or Black is the only question you have to ask about your driveway finish. There is no reason to delay driveway cleaning further all of our work is 100% guaranteed and certified.

Sussex Patio Cleaning Service

Does your patio look more like the surface of the moon than a patio? If you are in the Sussex area and the answer is yes, then it is time to call an expert who can help your patio look brand new again. Homegrown Sussex company South East Driveway Cleaning has a talented crew who are expert in pressure washing, and can give your patio a the feel of new in an afternoon.

Professional Driveway Restoration in Sussex

Make your Sussex driveway look better with South East Driveway Cleaning all you need to do is call. Disruptive and expensive are the best words to describe replacing your driveway. The team at South East will give you a free no hassle quote on a driveway restoration. Patching and resealing are two parts of our driveway restoration, which also includes pressure washing. Restoration beats replacement, in terms of cost and mess.

Sussex Patio Restoration Service

Owning a dilapidated patio is an embarrassment, and people feel compelled to replace it but there are other choices. Sussex area residents have options to explore. Help can be called from South East Driveway cleaning and their professional pressure washers. In an afternoon with a quick reseal, pressure wash and leveling your patio feel like a brand new patio.

Professional Sussex Tarmac Restoration Service

Freezing and thawing in Sussex is one reason why tarmac cracks. Tarmac can be either replaced or repaired if it is unsightly, but repair is cheaper. This is not the case; the South East Driveway Cleaning team of experts has a full range of solutions for tarmac restoration. The first step is to pressure wash the tarmac and removes all of the loose pieces and debris. A flat tarmac is required for best results, so patching is required. Sealing the tarmac with red or black is a great way to keep it looking good for a long time.

Drivway Sealing Service in Sussex


A regular driveway sealing treatment will keep it looking new on a long term basis, which is good for Sussex. Residents of Sussex have the good service of South East Driveway Cleaning to help seal their driveways. A new sealing job is compromised if the driveway is not first pressure washed and patched to ensure debris stays away. to the driveway. Style is personal, and choosing sealant that suits it helps to ensure your preference for matt or glossy finish is satisfied.