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Dr. Shenaz Morkas


Dr Morkas is an experienced and reputable Homeopathic doctor who diagnoses illnesses by conventional scientific methods and chooses to treat diseases by means of natural safest – Homeopathic medicines.

Dr.Shenaz Morkas is a qualified doctor of Homeopathy registered to practice in Australia, India, and United Arab Emirates.

She has extensive knowledge and exceptional international experience in treatment of various illnesses through homeopathy.

Coming from a family of doctors, Dr Shenaz has knowledge with very good diagnosis skills; an experience from working at various hospitals and clinics; and a Love of Homeopathy and natural healing.

She believes in treatment of every patient as a whole constituting both mental and physical complaints, and by using the combined wisdom of homeopathy with the most up-to-date medical information, she can provide professional, comprehensive healthcare at every stage of life.

In consultations, the highest standard of Homeopathy based on the latest research and information is employed to help you achieve effective and long lasting results.

By using natural methods, she ensures complete health of the mind and body in the safest and a quick manner. Hence, her method of treatment is highly accepted and popular amongst people around the world especially young and old ages.

As the President of Australian Association of Professional Homeopaths (AAPH) 2010-2011, she advocates Homeopathy globally and boasts on her highest quality of practice
She has a passion in homeopathic treatment for children and women health.

As a loving mother and a homeopathic practitioner, she well understands the pressures that impact on a woman's state of health. She is well aware of the concerns that every parent has about their child’s health and highly advocates the use of homeopathy for children as she has observed remarkable results in treatment of various childhood ailments.

My daughters and I have been treated by Shenaz for the last couple of months. I am impressed by Shenaz's medical knowledge and professional conduct and I am equally impressed by how effective the homeopathic remedies have helped to heal our different ailments.
Elisha L'Estrange- Asthma, Tonsilitis, Allergies

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Also available for consultations in :
3/158 Boundary Street
West End
QLD 4101

272 Rode Road
Wavell Heights
QLD 4012


  • Bachelors of Homeopathic Medical and Surgery
  • President of Australian Association of Professional Homeopaths
  • Member of Australian Register of Homeopaths
  • Registered Homeopath with the Ministry of Health, UAE
  • Registered Homeopath with the Medical Board India.