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MentalHealthPakistan.Org MentalHealthPakistan.Org

Addiction and Mental Illness Touches Every One.

"Alcohol Becoming An Equal Opportunity Destroyer".

Mental Health Emergency and Human Resilience Attorneys

Instant Intelligence For Your Wisdom! The Present Tense of Pakistan!

A man takes a drink, the drink takes another, and the drink takes the man.

Spread The Word “Addiction — A Chronic Relapsing Brain and Family Disease”

“Addiction is anything we continue to do despite negative consequences; besides drugs & alcohol, these can include work, food, sex, exercise, parenting or even cleaning”.

What We Treat!!

DUA House treats all addictions, including process addictions such as gambling, sex and food. We specialize in the following areas too!!

  • Substance Addiction
  • Trauma and Addiction
  • Family Addiction Treatment
  • Co-occurring Mental Health Disorders
  • Alcohol Abuse | Prevention | Addiction Treatment | Secondhand Drinking | Mental Illness

DUA House Accredited MINDS — Optimizing BRAINS For The Present Tense “Fetal Alcohol to Alcoholism Spectrum Disease, Narcotics Drug & Psychotropic Substances Abuse Inpatient / Intensive Outpatient Detox & Rehab House, Addiction Denial Behaviors Counseling For Change, Effects of Serious Psychiatric Illnesses On Felony / Misdemeanor Offenses, Forensic Mental illness Civil & Criminological Disorders Law Courts Family Inclusive Interventions in lieu of Convictions and A Centre for Peace in Health Care & Back Channel Diplomacy”. 

MentalHealthPakistan.Org MentalHealthPakistan.Org - INAMULLAH ANSARI http://MentalHealthPakistan.Org Karachi | Multan | Lahore | Islamabad.
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MentalHealthPakistan.Org MentalHealthPakistan.Org - Detox
2017-12-05 10:12:41