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Sofa Cleaning

Organic sofa cleaning services from only 50 euro. Fully insured sofa cleaning contractors based in Co Dublin

1 seat sofa cleaning 20 euro

2 seat sofa cleaning 40 euro

3 seat sofa cleaning 60 euro

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With Sofas, There`s More Than Meets The Eye

It's buried deep in the material. Dirt and grime that`s accumulated over time as people use the sofa. Its size and comfort, coupled with its strategic location within the interior space, make it one of the most popular sets of furniture in the house. It`s where you relax, entertain guests, spend time with your kids and hang out with your buddies over drinks. The cosy nature of sofas has also seen them get incorporated in the working environment. From employee lounges, reception areas, executive offices, consultancy rooms- anywhere that people need to sit for prolonged periods, the sofa makes a superb option. That extensive usage causes it to get soiled at a fast rate. Substances that wind up in the sofa include:

These particles are floating in the interior air space, and, under the influence of gravity, gradually settle on the sofa. Dust contains numerous substances, from skin flakes, insect body waste that has been broken down, spores, all through paint particles and chippings. Have you ever looked at a beam of sunlight shining through the window and noticed particles floating? 80% of those are skin flakes, shed by the persons in the building. Some of the material will be absorbed into the sofa, others will be on the surface. Either way, they are irritants, and are released into the immediate air space with each minor disturbance. Simply taking a seat can raise dust particles, causing you to breathe them in, resulting in issues like coughing, sneezing and having watery eyes.

Pet fur and dander
For those establishments with pets, there's the additional body waste they bring on board. As they play or rest on the sofa, they leave behind their fur, adhered to the material. There`s also those occasional incidences of urine stains, which foul up the sofa, and create unsightly stains. In fact, the sofa will be unusable until it has been thoroughly cleaned. After all, you can barely enjoy those cosy cushions when there are ammonia fumes from the urine pervading your nostrils.

Chemicals and pollutants
This category is broad. It consists of compounds from the environment that land on the sofa, getting trapped in its fibres. Take for instance smoke. It can be from cigarette smoking, cooking activities, or there has been an unfortunate fire incident that filled the room with smoke, and it was absorbed by the sofa. The smoke comes with toxins, which are still potent for days after they've landed on the sofa- from lead to carcinogens that put the health of your family members at home, plus the employees and customers in your business premises, at risk. There are also those aerosols that are used during cleaning programs. Once sprayed into the air space, they can leave their residue in the furniture. They can also cause irritation to persons with sensitive skin.

Dust mites
Back to the skin flakes. Those mounds of particles that are being shed by persons using the sofa are food for the infamous dust mites. They thrive within the furniture in their millions, and they also produce faecal waste, a by-product of all that feeding. Their waste is an irritant, causing effects similar to the dust. They also trigger asthma attacks and worsen respiratory conditions such as bronchitis. Scheduling regular sofa cleaning services will enable you to enhance the health of your establishment, protecting the persons using the furniture.

Food residue
Taking snacks on the sofa is a common practice. Whether it`s during parties, you`re at home relaxing with your loved ones, curled up with a novel, watching the latest development on the news, reading blogs or even when you've invited your date over. Food crumbs eventually end up on the sofa, adding to the grime that is building up. These, in turn, draw insects, that come out under the cover of dark to feed on the particles. They also deposit their body fragments and faecal residue, making your sofa grosser.
This is not the condition you want it in. Whether it`s at home, at the workplace, all through to entertainment venues, the furniture should be both comfortable and healthy to use. Calling in our sofa cleaning team will ensure that it remains in its optimal state all through.


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