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Ikpoleon Automotive Solutions

company speciWe specializes in Automobile Vehicles. (Sales. Spares. Services & Installation).

* We replace/install car engines/transmissions with damaged faults.

* We also fix other car parts.

* Best prices and guaranteed service.

* We have parts for all Japanese & American vehicle

* All parts are tested and guaranteed.

* On parts we give a 30 days warranty period.

For more inquiries on product and pricing please visit;


Ikpoleon Automotive Solutions (I.A.S)

 a.k.a Engine Solutions @ # 2 Alh. Akinwumi Street,




I.A.S,Your Sure Source of Solutions.

Ikpoleon Automotive Solutions - Our company specializes in Automobile Vehicles. (Sales. Spares. Services
2016-09-05 19:30:33