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Epuja Path

Epujapath is an online platform where believers of Hindu  traditions and rituals can order for online pujas, mantra jaaps, Gayatri Mantra jaap and Mahamrityunjaya mantra jaap and other special pujas to be done on their behalf so that they can enjoy the benefits of those rituals. This website is specially for those who are unable to carry out those rituals by themselves.

They are committed to revive and reestablish India’s great old culture, traditions, genuine religious practices and methods of Karmkaand (Poojan) on the scientific ground by constituting a big team of Sanskrit laureate and experienced Pandits. Our team members, voracious of Gyan (knowledge), master of Yog, Astrology, Aayurved and accurate religious practices, are selflessnessly committed and dedicated to revive our country’s traditional treasure which is imminent to extinction. These Aachaaryas and Pandits very prudently assimilate and practice the lessons of our valued religious Holy Books so that a flawless perfect methodology may be derived and formulated to extract maximum benefits for betterment of commoners. Such a Poojan is fully dedicated to the God which is performed by Aachaaryas and Pandits with full sanctity on behalf of the Jatak itself. 



Epuja path - Epujapath
2016-06-09 02:44:57