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Ozgur Cete

As Erkrafter company in Turkey we are  specialized of  European, American and Russian Trucks and Buses spare parts such as; Mercedes, Man, Volvo, Scania, Daf, Mac, Peterbilt, Detroit Diesel, Kenworth , Iveco, Renault, Kamaz, Maz, Gaz etc.

 Long years of experience and high qualified work friends allow us to provide  our worldwide customers always high quality and reasonable prices for below product range;


- Air Braking Systems

 Air Compressors, Cylinder Heads, Clutch Servos, Repair Kits,  Air Dryers and Valves, Calipers repair kits

- Cooling Systems

 Radiators, Intercoolers, Water pumps, Expansion tanks, Pressure valves, Fans, Charge air hoses

- Engine Parts

 Cylinder heads, Flywheels  and Flywheel  housings, Oil pumps, Pistons,  Engine gasket kits, Crankshafts Turbochargers

- Suspensions

 Leaf springs, Spring bolt kits, Air springs, Valves, Hydraulic pumps, Leveling Valves, Shock absorbers

- Gearbox 

Gears, Input shafts, Main shafts, Gear levers, Gear shift handles, Synchronizer rings, Synchronizer units, Gearbox suspension, Oil coolers, Pipes, Shifting cylinders, Oil filters

- Hubs and Wheels

Wheel bolts, Wheel bearings, Wheel hubs, Shaft seal rings, Hub covers, Nuts

- Exhaust Systems

Silencer, Exhaust pipe, Flexible pipe, Clamps , Exhaust manifolds, Control cylinders,  Air filters

You can visit our web site for more information


We would like to happy to answer all of your questions and price requests.