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Nina Mirgorodsky

Fresh seafood restaurant located in Marylebone, the very heart of London. The star of our show: the Red King Crab – possibly the sexiest ingredient on the planet. Taste-wise, the Red King Crab is quite simply the best in the world. Ours is sourced from the cold, open waters of the Northern part of the Atlantic Ocean.Caught just once a year to preserve the stocks of these magnificent creatures. Always wild, never farmed, because we believe free food taste better.
In 2018 we won the Best Designed Casual Restaurant of the year award at Casual Dining Awards 2018.


Fancy Crab serves amazing dining experience of red king crab and seafood with famous Red King Crab, Fresh Oysters, Lobsters and Prosecco bar in the heart of London. Discover the delicious Crab and Seafood menu with the finest taste with Fancy Crab. Book your table now!