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Michael Pilon

MapMuse was born out of a desire to find better ways to search for places of interest than existing text-based or map searches. MapMuse is a mapping application that allows consumers to locate places of interest on an interactive map.  You can find locations to IMAX Theaters, fast food places, firewood for sale, and much more.

This site allows visitors to view up to 2000 places of interest on a single map without any geographic limits. This powerful feature creates a way to begin a search for places at a high level (e.g. statewide or nationwide), view clusters of places of interests, and narrow the search by zooming on an area of interest.  MapMuse researches and organizes the places in each brand or interest category, and though it allows the visitors to the site to add or edit information for any place, their staff reviews every change before it is posted to the site.

Some of the main categories are:

IMAX Theaters Locations : Find the closest IMAX theater locations near you with MapMuse's IMAX Theater locator.  Use our interactive map to locate IMAX theaters & other interesting locations.

AMC Theatres Locations : Find the closest AMC Theatre Locations near you with MapMuse's AMC Theatre Locator.  Use our interactive map to locate AMC Theatre Locations & other interesting locations.

Staples Locations :  MapMuse's Staples Locator will help you find the staples locations closest to you.  Use our interact map to find the staples locations in your area and be sure to check out other interesting locations on

GameStop Locations : MapMuse's Gamestop locator will help you find the Gamestop Locations closest to you.  Use our interactive map to view where the closest Gamestop locations are and to find other interesting place nearby.

Currency Exchange Locations : Find the closest Currency Exchange Locations near you with MapMuse’s currency exchange locator.  We've mapped all the currency exchange locations in each state, so you'll always be able to find the one closest to you.

Nude Beach Locations : Find the closest Nude Beaches & Nudist Beaches near you with MapMuse’s nude beach locations map.  The best nude beaches all pointed out on one map with MapMuse’s nude beach locations.

Nudist Colony Locations : Find the closest Nudist Colony and Nudist Colonies near you with MapMuse’s nudist colony locator.  MapMuse is your mapping guide to finding nudist colonies, nudist resorts, and nudist colonies in the United States.

Contact Details:
MapMuse, Inc
Michael Pilon
1326 14th St, NW
City: Washington
State: District of Columbia
Country: USA
Zip Code: 20005
[email protected]
Phone No.: 202-387-3857