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Greek Delicateria

Greek Delicateria is a new company in Bucharest which bring only traditional high quality products from Greece . Those products produced ONLY buy family bussines with traditional recipes.Fruits they used are 90% local fruits and some others with original Chios mastic.When you taste our products you will understand the different and you should agree about the High Quality .

We bring local bio cosmetics and soft drink with mastic , fruit concetrated Juices with fruit preserves local family produced wines , family produced ouzo and local family produced Liquers.

Also we are proud for our High Quality Greek Extra Virgin Olive oil together with Bio Organic which also produced by local family in Korinthos.

You can vist us in our web page for more products or call us for more info at +40765653338 .

We can arrange any time you wish for taste our products in our Show Room in our Bucharest office

We are ready to answer any question you have and take care for all your needs and thoughts .

Greek Delicateria


Greek Delicateria - Chios Greece traditional , natural , healthy and famous
2013-07-30 00:04:33