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Lisa Liu

Guigang Gangxing Rubber Plastic Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. was found in 1996, located in ASEAN Development Zone of Guigang City, Guangxi, China. We’re professional manufacturer and exporter of PVC pipe and fittings, PVC-U pipe for agricultural irrigation, PVC -U pipe for drainage and fittings, PVC -U pipe for water supply, PVC pipe for cold bending, PVC electrical coduit and trunking, and home electrical appliance.


The company covers over 30000 square meter, 20000 square meters in producing construction. We own 8 advanced and moderized product lines. And we have a batch of experienced professional technical personnel. Over the years, we design new pattern of PVC pipe, introduced Hi-tech and advanced equipment. The company has been granted ISO9001 quality assurance certificate and Circular Relevant to the Implementation of the Compulsory. Our products are popular by customers. Our products have a good sales in 20 cities of China. The annual income has reached the amount of RMB 200 million.


Gangxing plastic always serves our customers with high quality and competitive price. And we often obey the principle of “ punctual delivery, good after-sale service”. We try to make our customers feel satisfaction.


Welcome all the customers from home and abroad, we are sincerely to build a long term profitable business relationship with your esteed company in the future.



Lisa Liu

International Exporting Dept.


Guigang Gangxing Rubber Plastic Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.


Address: Shuyi Ling, Xinmin Village, Genzhu town, Gangbei District, Guigang City, Guangxi, China.

Mobile phone No. 0086-15977549938

Telephone No. 0086-0775-4635108

Fax: 0086-0775-4631998

Email:[email protected], [email protected]


MSN: [email protected]