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Top-Notch Construction

We are a House Builder that is committed to providing First-Class Quality Design and Construction at Affordable Cost. We are a Construction Company that believes in providing honest, professional and top-notch services. We are a Building Contractor that guarantees top-of-the-class quality construction results at a very competitive and affordable cost.


   We hire the best workers!
   We use the best materials!
   We utilize the best tools!
   We deliver the best results!


-Great Designs

-Competitive Cost

-Code Compliant Structural Design

-Solid Experience, 7+ years of existence

-Established teams, 40+ office personnel

-Dedicated hardware store & Logistics System

-Quality Works

-Top-of-the-line construction materials

-PCAB registered

-Lots of Completed and ongoing projects to show

For FREE Consultation and Estimate Visit or Call Us!

 Phone: (046)5156279/4351445

Sun: 09331363772

Globe: 09262411216

Smart: 09198777107


Email: [email protected]


Top-Notch Construction - We are a House Builder that is committed in providing First-Class Quality Design and Construction
2016-08-18 20:45:52
Top-Notch Construction - TOP-NOTCH CONSTRUCTION Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, Bui
2016-08-18 20:42:40