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Incepto Pune

Preparing for NATA exams? Here we are with an excellent set of tips and tricks that will help you to clear the NATA Entrance Exams Coaching In Pune. 


Do not have the misconception that you can clear the NATA exams easily if your drawing is good. Your sketching skills alone cannot help you score good grades in the exams. You need to have a 360-degree preparation and cover the topics like effects of light & shadow, sense of perspective, scale & proportions, memory drawing, composition, etc.


Be creative! Creativity does not have a set definition. You need to break the stereotype, practice problem solving by using unconventional methods and come up with new ideas and experiences every day.


Work on your speed to complete your paper. No matter how creative you are, if you do not complete your paper in time, it is of no use.


Solve as many previous papers of NATA exams as you can. Practice solving minimum 20 papers in a particular time. Devise your ways of answering the papers. Work hard on your mental blocks. You can join NATA classes in pune to get access to tips and techniques by tutors and mock test papers for NATA entrance exams.


A4 size is the standard size of sheets in the exams. Hence practice only on those sheets and not on A3 size ones.


Read newspapers regularly and do not mug up G.K. books. This will help you increase your observation power. For clearing NATA exams you need to keep a tab on the developments in the field of architecture.


Plan to perfection! Do not get lethargic instead keep yourself motivated and keep working hard.


During exams do not draw dark. Instead keep a very light hand and avoid wasting time in erasing.


If you are planning to take NATA Courses after 12th exams, then start early!



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2017-01-28 00:43:28