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Shobhit Rastogi

Since 2006, Intellinet Systems has been serving the automobile industry through its software products and has carved a unique role for itself in this community. The software solutions have attracted many top automobiles organizations and have been a catalyst for strengthening bond among the OEMs and dealers and for helping the end consumer. Intellinet has various software products in the market, like- electronic part catalogue, warranty management systems, estimate parts return software and field technical report, etc. The software’s are already in use by some top manufacturers that, and the top most automobile software by Intellinet is electronic part catalog, that is beneficial for order management, inventory management, keeping customer record, can be easily integrated with existing platform. Parts ordering can be easy with its e-commerce portal. Moreover, it has part hot spotting feature also and part searching and ordering through image is also possible. The software is designed in such a way that it requires no special knowledge to run it. Overall, in today’s fast moving technology freak world, this software is much needed to automate their process.