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Interlinc Communications

Interlinc Communications, is a leading integrated media Agency servicing a large and diverse clientele across North America and the Caribbean. We offer integrated media, communications and technology solutions encompassing Creative, Advertising & Marketing, e-Business Solutions, Digital Printing and Communications Consultancy, all of which are guaranteed to provide your business with the impact and results needed to thrive in today’s global digital economy.

Founded in 1994 in Jamaica, the company’s operations now extend to the United States and Canada. Leveraging our coverage across the Americas, Interlinc Communications successfully manages a large and diverse clientele that includes Governments, private & public sector organizations and NGOs.

As an award-winning Agency we have a solid and proven track-record of client-centricity, growth and success.

We are the proud recipients of the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce and the Financial Gleaner’s Entrepreneurial Award for outstanding performance as one of the Jamaica’s leading & well managed small businesses. We have also been awarded the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica’s Small Business Award for our contribution & investment in the country, creating jobs and opportunities.