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Sergio Tagliapietra

IVEMSA helps companies set up and run manufacturing operations in Mexico with a wide variety of solutions from shelter company set-ups to individual administrative services such as import/export into Mexico, Human Resources and Fiscal compliance.  With over 30 years’ experience, IVEMSA Our professional team tailors each client’s administrative management solution to optimize profitability, allowing customers to focus on core competencies of production and quality control.
Whether companies want the services of a full shelter or only selected individual services such as customs, human resources or government compliance, IVEMSA provides the best value for long-term, cost effective solutions. And whether the operation calls for 5 Mexican labor employees or 2,000, IVEMSA has the experience to meet those needs flexibly customizing services to meet any and all customs/import/export, site selection, accounting and all the services needed for successful manufacturing operations.