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J.A. Wilder Builders

J.A. Wilder Builders is known for quality service for 30 years in East Tennessee home builder’s community. Superior quality of construction and their remarkable service made them representative of dedication and commitment in their work.

Company Overview:

J.A. Wilder Builders stand as one of the most professional contracting companies in the construction industry. With more than 30 years of experience they have provided superior custom homes of exceptional quality in Tennessee. They are custom home builders that have built a business based upon ethical values alongside an unmatched product. Jeff Wilder is the owner of J.A. Wilder Builders. He has gained the reputation of integrity and professionalism, two characteristics that he has installed in his business. Over the years, Jeff Wilder has been acknowledged as one of top East Tennessee home builders & contractors. He has gained the knowledge and experience over the course of 35 years that proves to be essential for a productive contracting business.


J.A. Wilder Builders
 4891 Fowler Dr.
Morristown, TN , 37814

United States

PH: 423-581-7180

Email: [email protected] 

           [email protected]