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Joana Lagrosa

JCL-BPO is a fast growing accounting and business outsourcing company in the Philippines. JCL-BPO focuses in Finance and Accounting (F&A) outsourcing with a diverse range of services suitable to specific client needs, and a proven competence to deliver cost savings output. We are currently servicing many professionals, entrepreneurs and companies in different industries.

Our commitment to serve our Clients’ operational excellence is the foundation of an exceptional outsourcing relationship. Contact us to find out how JCL-BPO can help your business progress its upright through quality service outsource.

JCL-BPO has a wide range of Finance and Accounting (F&A) services with the commitment to ultimately serve our clients with full reliability, cost-effective strategies and proven integrity.

Our core services span the complete field of accounting functions, such as:

·         Accounting/Bookkeeping 
·         Payroll Processing
·         Government Compliance Reporting
·         Business Registration

Other Management Services:

·         System Validation
·         Management Advisory Services
·         Financial Planning & Consultancy
·         Human Resource Services


·         Trainings and Seminars