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Meas Sam Ol

Welcome to JOBKH.COM, an online recruitment platform which helps you climb the corporate ladder with career tools, exclusive openings and pool of qualified talent.

Date Post ID Description Posted By
27-Aug-2015 2131 Swimming Teacher Assistant  Rachny
27-Aug-2015 2130 Account Receivable  Rachny
27-Aug-2015 2129 Front Desk Assistants  Rachny
26-Aug-2015 2128 Cleaner  Pachem Dental Clinic
26-Aug-2015 2127 Dental Assistant  Pachem Dental Clinic
26-Aug-2015 2126 Receptionist  Pachem Dental Clinic
26-Aug-2015 2125 Assistant Branch Manager  Pachem Dental Clinic
26-Aug-2015 2124 Branch Manager  Pachem Dental Clinic
25-Aug-2015 2123 Teller Assistants  Vattanac Bank
25-Aug-2015 2122 Clerks, Credit Operations  Vattanac Bank
25-Aug-2015 2121 Customer Service Executive  HR heart
24-Aug-2015 2120 INTERNAL AUDIT & EVALUATION OFFICER (02 posts)  VisionFund Cambodia
24-Aug-2015 2119 Finance Manager ($700-$1000)  Shimmex Group Co., Ltd...
24-Aug-2015 2118 Communications Volunteer  HelpAge International ...
24-Aug-2015 2117 Driver  Institut Pasteur du Ca...
1 week ago, Friday
21-Aug-2015 2116 Marketing Officer  Cambodia Asia Bank
21-Aug-2015 2115 Senior Accountant $300-$400  Sunrise Healthcare
21-Aug-2015 2114 Receptionist ($150 - $200 )  First Ideal Consulting...
21-Aug-2015 2113 Veterinary Internship  Soma Group
1 week ago, Thursday
20-Aug-2015 2112 Research Officer (Political)  AUSTRALIAN EMBASSY

Meas Sam Ol - JOBKH is No.1 job site in Cambodia. JOBKH is part of the first and only one one-stop service multi-c
2015-08-28 23:22:22