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Jo Sanders

Hi I'm Jo and I'm all about empowering you to be the best you can be. 

I work at Tauranga Innerwise and Tauranga Massage.  Here you can get your mind, body and soul back on track to achieve better wellness. 

I invite you to look around my websites to see video testimonials and information about how you can help yourself on the wellness journey.

If you have been around the houses (or clinics) trying to get well it's time for a new approach - and you are invited.


How to treat tight calf muscles with a tennis ball with Jo @ Tauranga Massage
Myolomi at Tauranga Massage: Myotherapy and Lomi Lomi fusion with Jo Sanders
What is Innerwise?
Innerwise Systems

Jo Sanders - Tauranga Massage - really get back on track after muscle discomfort and pain with a unique Myolomi
2013-09-29 00:57:30
Jo Sanders - find out more at
2013-09-29 00:46:32
Jo Sanders - Experience Innerwise: a new way of healing - 100% holistic, natural, over 4200 remedies!
2013-09-29 00:45:38